Farthållare - F700 GS, F800 GS

Farthållare - F700 GS, F800 GS

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Wunderlich Cruise Control

The inexpensive and practical alternative to electronic speed regulation. Mega-tours are now possible that are relaxed and don’t involve pain in the wrist. The easy-to-use adjustment mechanism (simply rotate built-in adjustment wheel forwards) makes a continuous and individual locking of the throttle possible. This allows it to be set whether the desired gas setting slowly returns to a previous state or if it remains constant. The speed can be set exactly for long-distance stages. When it is switched off, the mechanism cannot be noticed at all.

The entire adjustment mechanism is housed in the right handlebar end weight and increases the lateral pressure on the gas handle in accordance with its setting.

Teflon-mounted adjustment mechanism. Simple conversion.

For vehicles with original hand guards. Complete aluminium set, consists of a Cruise Control and matching handle bar end weight.



F700 GS - with original BMW hand protectors
F800 GS (2013-2016) - with M8 attachment
F800 GS (2017-)

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