Hasplåt "EXTREME" - G310 GS, G310 R

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Wunderlich "EXTREME" engine protection

The engine protection »EXTREME« is the reliable life insurance for the engine. It attaches on the original attachment points with no fuss. It connects via silent blocks that decouple the engine from the engine protection. This thus prevents the threaded holes in the engine housing from being ripped out even in the event of hard impacts.

The facts:

  • Raised at the front and angled in three dimensions = cannot get caught
  • No ground clearance reduction compared to original
  • Mounted via silent rubber to guarantee impact decoupling between the engine protection and engine housing
  • 4 mm thick aluminium
  • black anodised
  • Slim design despite complete protection
  • No changes required to the vehicle. Easy to fit
  • All maintenance operations possible with no dismantling
  • Complete attachment set
  • 5-year warranty
  • Made in Germany

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