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EasyPark - XL

Easy manoeuvring of the motorcycle when it is on the centre stand. This manoeuvring system was specially designed for BMW main stands and is particularly robust, so that fully equipped BMWs can be manoeuvred easily.

The facts:

  • Easy manoeuvring of the motorcycle when on centre stand. 
  • Complete rotation of the motorcycle on one spot. 
  • Can be moved transversely - without manoeuvring. 
  • Vehicle can be moved to any corner to save space. 
  • Ideal base for over-wintering (both wheels can be kept off the ground with just one additional support). 
  • Extremely wide plate with space for the main stand arms. 
  • “XL” for up to 320 kg. 
  • 9 mm thick galvanised steel material. 
  • Four ball-bearing mounted twin polyamide wheels (protect the floor surface and run extremely easily), can be rotated through 360°. 
  • Four wheel brakes. 
  • Slip-resistant sponge rubber supports for the main stands. 
  • Ground clearance of the base plate can be adjusted. 
  • Made in Germany. 

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