Sidostödsplatta - K1200 GT (2006-), K1300 GT

Sidostödsplatta - K1200 GT (2006-), K1300 GT

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Side stand enlarger

Extra insurance for your valuable K: Whether loaded or unloaded, a four-lunger supported on the side stand can far too easily and quickly get bogged down. A formmilled side stand foot enlarger that is simply clamped to the side stand helps prevent this kind of expensive scenario.

The facts:

  • Solid support for the motorcycle on all types of ground
  • Extension plate increases the foot area by more than 100%
  • 8 mm thick high-strength aluminium
  • Rustproof anodised black
  • Corrosion protection for original stand
  • Cut-out for original foot lined with vibration-absorbing foam rubber
  • Easy-grip serrations around the edge
  • CNC machined
  • Quick and easy to fit

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