Strömförsörjningskabel till SP Connect trådlös laddning (QC 3.0)

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SP-Connect Power cable for inductive charging with QC 3.0 standard

Use the SP Connect™ CABLE WIRELESS CHARGER to connect the SP Connect™ WIRELESS CHARGING MODULE (WUN-45150-210) directly to a power source (i.e. motorcycle battery / ignition or e-bike engine / light)

The facts

  • Direct installation for Motorcycles
  • Compatible with SP Connect Wireless Charging Module
  • QC 3.0 standard
  • Voltage Converter - Weatherproof IP65
  • Input: 12-24V / Output: 5V/2A, 9V/2A, 12V/1,5A
  • Cable length: 2 x 150 cm

Note: Unplug Charger when not in use for longer time periods to avoid battery drain.

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