Styrhöjare - K1200 GT (-2005)

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"VARIO-ERGO" handlebar riser

It’s easy to recognise the fanatical K1200 RS or GT rider even years later: hunched over and plagued with back problems.
The basic concept of the original handlebar is sound, but it needs to be raised to liberate the rider from his hunched-over posture.
In order to allow you to adapt the handlebar to your body size we have built a simple and easy-to-operate adjustment option (as in the original RS) into the risers.
The relaxed, ergonomically ideal posture has the added benefit of noticeably improved control of the bike.
The individual handlebar halves can be raised in three stages between 27 mm and 31 mm and simultaneously brought closer to the rider by 20 mm to 37 mm.

A swashbuckling conversion that ensures pain-free riding pleasure. Long-distance comfort is now comparable with that of touring bikes.
Elaborate construction made of a strong aluminium alloy that has until now been the preserve of aeronautical engineering.
Anodised and given that extra touch of class by a matching K logo.

Complete set with bolts and TÜV certificate.

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