Tankpads - G310 R

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Wunderlich 2-part tank pad set - black

These tank pads are coordinated to the design of the G 310 R. They effectively protect all contact points from scratches, damage and abrasion. The increased grip of the improved knee provides more direct contact with the motorcycle, significantly boosting the feel and fun of the ride. The material consists of black, lightly grained high-quality and grippy plastic. The pads are self-adhesive.

The facts:


  • Material offers excellent hold thanks to improved knee grip
  • Outstanding damping behaviour with impact load
  • Material retains its shape even in extreme temperatures
  • Water-deflecting
  • Resistant to almost all chemicals
  • UV-resistant

Technical info

  • Material: Semi-hard integral polyurethane foam
  • Thickness: 4 millimetres

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