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Gleaming replacement for the plastic steering head cover that is easy to attach and restores the Boxer rider’s joy in riding.

With a built-in thermometer that gives you optimal information of the current outdoor temperature and that is no doubt the most ingenious embellishment of the steering head cover.

The dial resembles the Boxer instrument design, although it has a white background and black numbering
for improvedreadability and to stop it from heating up. This further underpins the sophisticated appearance
and creates an exclusive highlight.

The rear side is also a work of art: The O ring is fitted into a special double loop machined groove so that its ends just meet to leave a small vent passage to prevent problems when fitting (air not being able to escape during insertion). The instrument back is manufactured in stainless steel.

Note: The temperature reading may vary from the actual outer temperature due to its fitted position (direct sun etc). Machined from a single piece of aluminium. Anodised silver.

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