Diagnosverktyg Bike-Scan 100 OBD-II

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OBD-II Bike-Scan 100 Professional diagnostic device - blue

The Bike-Scan 100 Professional for professional steering diagnostics on BMW motorcycles from Euro4 is small and high-performance. The system covers the complete motorcycle electronics and makes it easy for the user to detect problems with the motorcycle.

The hardware is futureproof thanks to regular updates and upgrades. High performance in depth of diagnosis together with compact construction as well as high user-friendliness thanks to the high-quality setup.

As soon as an error or communication fault is discovered, the user receives a notification on the system and is also supplied with detailed information about the possible origin of the fault. With this system you always have definitive diagnostic information to hand. This lets you locate possible faults quickly and comfortably.


  • Service reset date / route
  • Date and time setting e.g. after battery replacement
  • Reset of adaptation values for engine control unit
  • Specific ACTUAL values
  • Reading of current KM
  • Read out VIN
  • Valve clearance service reset
  • Vent ABS pressure modulator
  • Calibrate idling actuator
  • Initialise brake wear display
  • Windshield calibration
  • ESA/SAF calibration
  • Stepper adjustment
  • Calibration: Height sensor, windshield, idling actuator, film encoder, etc.
  • Sensor adjustment: Exhaust flap, interference pipe flap, reverse travel assistance setting, chassis monitor, drives, idling actuator, lambda sensors.
  • Free updates
  • Actuator diagnostic
  • Train / Program RDC tyre pressure sensor
  • No model limit or restriction
  • The service updates can only be performed using the Windows operating systems

Supported products

  • KWP-2000 specific
  • DCAN-BUS specific
  • UDS specific 

Supported control units:

  • Engine electronics from Motronic 2.4
  • Central electronics
  • Combi instrument
  • Tyre pressure check 
  • ABS – anti-blocking system from I-ABS
  • Theft alert system 
  • Radio
  • Radio operating element
  • Electro-hydraulic tilt stands

Scope of delivery:

  • Diagnostic device BS-100
  • Case
  • 16-pin OBD II* diagnostic cable
  • USB cable
  • Instructions.

* For vehicles from Euro4 - the adapter WUN-44610-011 is required for older vehicles!

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