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"ERGO" footrest lowering Rider

Designed from ergonomic viewpoints, this footrest lowering kit provides a relaxed and comfortable seating position that leaves no "posture damage" even on longer stretches.

The facts:

  • Position of the feet approx. 30 mm lower and slightly forwards (driver)
  • Much more relaxed seating position
  • Reduced, circulation-promoting knee angle
  • Elimination of painful cramps
  • Significantly greater long-distance comfort
  • Adjustment precisely tailored to the contour of the footrest bracket with minimised offset for best possible banking freedom
  • Milled from solid material in three dimensions for optimum positioning of the original rests
  • Easy to fit
  • CNC milled aluminium
  • With German type approval
  • 5 year warranty
  • Made in Germany

The result is a significantly more comfortable unity with the vehicle and the machine is also significantly better going around bends.

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