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"ERGO" footrest lowering - silver

This footrest lowering has been developed with ergonomics in mind. It provides a relaxed and comfortable seating position and does not leave behind any postural damage, even after longer riding stretches.
In order to achieve the optimal foot position, the lowering bracket had to be carefully machined from solid aluminium.
The set includes all of the required attachment parts.
Nothing needs to be modified on the original mount, no functions are impaired and even the BMW system cases still fit without any restrictions.

The facts:

  • Significantly more relaxed sitting position
  • Noticeably reduced knee angle
  • Original rubber rests are retained
  • CNC-milled aluminium
  • German Type approval

Rider footrest adjustment
More touring pleasure on the road and better handling for off-road riding Adjustment: 40 mm lower and 10 mm further forwards
Boxer emblem included for recess on bracket

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