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Wunderlich rider footrest lowering - 20 mm

This item is the combination of both our products:

  • Footrest lowering WUN-31430-401
  • Exhaust pipe holder WUN-44201-402

We offer this combination because the rest lowering collides with the original exhaust pipe holder. Both items will continue to be available separately for some conversions, however.

The Wunderlich footrest lowering for the rider of the R nineT Racer for an ergonomically better seat position.

The facts:

  • 20 mm lower and slightly forwards
  • Clearly more relaxed seating position
  • Reduced knee angle
  • Higher long-distance comfort
  • Minimized offset for best possible banking freedom
  • No changes required to the vehicle
  • Easy fitting
  • Anodised, CNC-milled aluminium.
  • 5 year warranty
  • Made in Germany

Slimmer exhaust pipe holder reduced to the bare essentials for all Solo R nineT models.

The facts:

  • To attach the rear silencer without passenger seat holder/strut.
  • Sophisticated, unobtrusive and yet extremely stable
  • Barely visible
  • 4 mm thick stainless steel. Silver coated
  • Complete with mounting kit
  • Registration-free

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