Grundhållare till "MAMMUT" sidoväskor

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Wunderlich Pipe mounting for "MAMMUT" side bags - black

The holder for the "MAMMUT" bags simply slides onto the base holder mounted on the vehicle and secured in place using a safety splint.

The base holder itself is sized so that it doesn’t stick out when the bag holders are removed.


  • Quick dis/assembly
  • High-quality welded precision steel pipe
  • Black coated
  • Made in Germany

The bag holders fasten securely to this base holder. The base holder is only needed once, no matter whether the bags are only mounted on the right, left or on both sides.

Right bag holder WUN-44115-230 and/or left bag holder WUN-44115-240.

Recommendation - For taking passengers with mounted side bags, we recommend the passenger footrest depth adjustment article no. WUN-31440-001.

Information for tail conversions:

The pipe mounting can also be combined with the following tail conversions:

  • WUN-44111-xxx
  • WUN-44116-xxx - also in conjunction with WUN-38981-400 and WUN-44850-500.

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