Hasplåt "DAKAR" - R nineT

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Wunderlich engine protection "Dakar" R nineT

We’ve now adapted our tried and tested Dakar engine protection for the R 1200 GS for the R nineT too. Protection that really protects the engine, manifold and collector.

The facts about the Wunderlich Dakar engine protection:

  •  Extremely stable and angled in the front = cannot get caught
  •  Extended to the rear to protect the collector
  •  15 mm greater ground clearance
  •  4 mm thick aluminium
  •  No changes required to the vehicle
  •  Easy fitting
  •  Screws on to the original attachment points
  •  Complete with screw set
  •  60 days right to return
  •  Made in Germany
  •  5 year warranty

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