Innerskärm bak (MudSling) - R1250 GS/GSA, R1200 GS/GSA LC

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MudSling inner fender

The approved mudguard is now also available for the BMW R1250 GS/GSA and R1200 GS/GSA LC.

Especially in the wintertime the GS drivers prefer the MudSling inner fender. Therefore, we are now also offering this high strength plastic protector for the R1250 GS/GSA and R1200 GS/GSA LC. The MudSling protects the rear of all models of the GS. as well as the spring and parts of the propulsion, against splashing and dirt and also from increased corrosion. Thanks to it’s well-defined shape, the drivers and co-drivers legs are also perfectly protected against dust and dirt.

The inner fender consists of crushproof ABS plastic and can be easily installed. It underlines perfectly the design of the GS. German type approval.

The MudSling is delivered with all necessary mounting parts. An investment that pays for itself quickly.

Information: We do not recommend to use or combine the rear fender together with massive offroad tires.

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