Sidostödsplatta - K1600 Bagger/Grand America

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Wunderlich Side stand enlarger K1600 Bagger/Grand America

The life insurance for the BMW K1600 B: The smaller contact area of the original side stand inevitably sinks the K1600 B into hot tarmac as well as just on lightly chewed up ground - a very expensive joke with the K1600B especially.

A precisely milled widening plate that can be quickly screwed onto the side stand effectively eliminates this design flaw.

And to ensure that the side stand can be easily folded out with the heel of your boot, we've also incorporated external teeth.

The facts Wunderlich side stand enlarger K1600 B:

  • High machine stability on all surfaces
  • Side stand extension for BMW K1600 B
  • With non-slip, serrated fold-out aid
  • Over approx. 100% larger contact area
  • Oxidation-proof black anodised
  • Milling groove for original contact equipped with foam rubber
  • CNC-milled from solid, high-strength aluminium
  • Easy fitting

An extremely simplified extension that is barely visible when the side stand is folded in. Only the serration stands out as a technical treat.

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