Motorskyddsbåge "BAGGER STYLE" - K1600 GT/GTL, Bagger, Grand America

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Wunderlich engine protection bar "Bagger Style" - chrome

Engine protection bar “Bagger Style”

The engine protection bar has been especially tailored to the body of the Bagger. The bar incorporates the contour of the engine and the body and extends this up to our case protection bars. Stripped back to the essentials, the bar reliably protects the engine and the body in the worst case scenario.

The facts about the Wunderlich crash bar K1600

  • Stylish, perfectly integrated design with robust plastic coating
  • Along with the case protection bars, has a cast appearance
  • Equal distribution of forces over all hold points
  • Protects during skis and worse crashes
  • Intricately bent round pipe
  • Greatest possible lean angle freedom
  • Detailed and very easy to understand instructions
  • Easy fitting without changing the body
  • Registration-free
  • Made in Germany
  • 5 year warranty

Note: For K 1600 B and Grand America together with the original auxiliary headlights, the adapter WUN-35510-210 is required

Note: Not with original engine guard or floor boards

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