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Wunderlich Oil cooler protection - silver

The oil cooler (radiator) is positioned in exactly the place required by air flow, although a consequence of this is that dirt converges on it from all angles. Stone chipsdead flies and other detritus accumulate in its fine ribbing. Cleaning it is very difficult and requires a lot of manual work.

The fine-mesh stainless steel cooler protection grille provides effective protection for the cooler and ensures optimal long-term cooling air flow. It’s also an optical highlight: the black cooler surfaces disappear
and the cooler aperture itself is emphasized to impressive effect.

The protector is made of a durable stainless steel mesh sandwiched between a black and a silver anodised
laser cut frame. This is so that the protector can be fitted with either the silver or black colour of the grille frame is
seen from the front (whatever looks nicer depending on the colour of the bike).

The facts:

  • Best protection and best appearance
  • Keeps all destructive particles away from the cooler.
  • Quick and easy to fit.
  • Laser-cut, stable frame (Rattling etc. is not possible)
  • Anodised silver or black.
  • Strong high pressure bonding between mesh and frame.
  • Complete with all fitting material.

Please note: Cannot be combined with beakless conversions.

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