Pump - fotpump

Pump - fotpump

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Mini Foot Pump

There could be many reasons why you would have to refill some air – and this might not only be a puncture. For this and many other purposes we are now offering this high-quality and enormously practical mini air pump which is made of massive aluminium. It has an integrated double cylinder with pressure switch which allows a pressure of 12 bars.

The facts:

  • The dual pump head with digital quality pressure gauge fits to all valves (car, Presta, Dunlop valve).
  • Made of massive aluminium.
  • Allows a pressure of 12 bars.
  • Integrated double cylinder with pressure switch.
  • Due to the high volume, all tires can be fast and easily filled.The scope of supply also contains needles for balls and inflatable mattresses.
  • A dust cap with integrated Dunlop adapter.
  • Delivered in a nylon bag. So you can really pump up everything quickly and without electricity.

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