Ramskydd "SPIDER"

Ramskydd "SPIDER"

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Wunderlich Frame protector »SPIDER« - black

No more damage. Constant chafing on the frame with your boots (especially motocross boots) will damage the paint, reduce the value of the bike and even reduce the wall thickness of the frame tube. Together with Dirk Thelen we designed a light and strong plastic protector that follows the frame tube like a second skin providing a perfect protection.

The facts:

  • Boots can no longer be caught on the protector or frame
  • Frame protected from damage from Enduro boots
  • Protects swing arm pivot from dirt
  • Prevents losing the pivot cap
  • Precise fit, no chafing and rattling noises
  • Easy to fit
  • Weight: Only 80 g per side

A must for any serious GS Rider; the frame protectors have proven their value many times in rallies, competitions and everyday use. Thermoformed from sturdy ABS plastic. 2 versions are available: A silver thermoformed ABS plastic in silver colour with a paint-like surface finish or the professional edition made of a black coloured, very abrasive-resistant fibre reinforced hybrid plastic material. You no longer have to watch your every move because the frame is now safe from you or rather your boots!

We have deliberately chosen a solution from sturdy plastic.Harder materials will damage the frame and the paint more in the long run than they would protect it.

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