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Fuel Friend canister - 1 liter (red), 1.5 liter (red) or 2 liter (black)

These great little cans made by Hünersdorff in Germany are exactly what you need for a small, yet solid and safe fuel reserve. Specificly made for storage and transport of hazardous substances, perfect for motorcycle trips, all small engines and many other purposes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Add one label WUN-24730-100 for each canister. According to the GHS/CLP regulation from 01.06.2015 all fuel canisters (UN/RKK) must be labeled by the end user.

Note: The 1-liter canister fits very well in the Wunderlich case racks WUN-20570-500/-600. (The 1.5 liter and 2 liter canisters are too high)

The facts:

  • The smallest can suitable for fuel nozzles on the market 
  • Available as 1 liter or 1,5 liter
  • Emergency reserve for motorcycles, scooters, quads and other small engines 
  • Small, extremely robust, meets the highest safety requirements 
  • With eyelets fitted to the sides for securing with a tension strap or similar. 
  • Suitable for all fuels and petrol products.
  • 1 liter: 125 mm (w) ; 165 mm (h); 65 mm (d)
  • 1.5 liter: 125 mm (w), 235 mm (h), 65 mm (d)

Additional facts about the 2-liter canister:

Anti-burst plastic canister with integrated emergency vent and small filling bracket, thus also suitable for filling stoves, etc.

The facts:

  • Perfect and secure emergency petrol reserve
  • Small packing dimensions, extremely stable
  • Eyelets for attaching with tension band, etc.
  • Screw cover secured against loss
  • Additional filling aid
  • Fill opening internal diameter 18 mm
  • Meets highest safety requirements
  • E10-suitable
  • Made in Germany
  • Dimensions: 140 mm (w) ; 200 mm (h); 70 mm (d)

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