Sidostödsplatta - S1000 XR (2020-)

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Wunderlich Side stand enlarger

The life insurance for your BMW: The contact area of the original side stand is too small, meaning there is a risk of your BMW slowly sinking, often unnoticed, on both hot tar surfaces as well as on lightly chewed up ground. In the worst case, the bike falls over. This often results in annoying damage. Our precisely milled enlarger that can be quickly screwed onto the side stand provides help here and effectively eliminates this design flaw. And to ensure that the side stand can be securely folded out with the heel of your boot, we've also incorporated high-grip external teeth.

The facts:


  • Secure stability for your motorcycle on any surface
  • Twice the contact area
  • The larger contact area significantly reduces the sinking hazard
  • Cancels out the inopportune placement angle
  • Folds out securely thanks to high-grip, anti-slip teeth
  • Avoids costly damage, is discreet and helpful
  • Durable, oxidation protection thanks to black anodised layer
  • Precise milling groove for the original side stand
  • Discreet, inconspicuous screw connection with 3 grub screws
  • With damping foam rubber layer
  • Easy to fit

Technical information

  • Material: Precision milled from solid 8 mm-thick high-strength aluminium
  • Anodised black


  • Wunderlich premium product. Small series. Hand crafted
  • Wunderlich design. Integrated and functional.
  • 60 days right to return
  • Made in Germany
  • 5 year warranty

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