Skydd för insprutningssystem - R1250 R

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Wunderlich fuel injection system cover - left or right - black

This cover for the fuel injection system protects the intake pipe area including the injector tube, line connections and throttle sensor. Leaks from the connectors are a constant problem. These are caused by lines snagging on boots or trousers and can cause troublesome malfunctions. Our powder-coated aluminium cover effectively protects the components of the injection system – including against manipulation of the system and the connectors. Visually speaking, this high-quality cover for the fuel injection system discreetly blends into the motorcycle's overall design.

The facts:


  • Reliable protection for vulnerable line connections, connectors, the throttle sensor and the injector tube
  • Protects against manipulation of the injection system components and their connectors
  • Abrasion protection for the entire injection and intake unit
  • The well-thought out design is sturdy and virtually indestructible

Technical data

  • Material: Aluminium, high-quality craftsmanship, black power-coated
  • Includes mounting kit
  • Easy fitting

Special features

  • Wunderlich. Small batches. Made by hand.
  • Integrated design
  • Made in Germany
  • 5-year warranty

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