Skyddsfilm - Vario-toppbox - R1300 GS

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PremiumShield protective case film set for BMW Vario-Topcase - clear



  • Invisible film that protects exposed areas from annoying scratches and wear to the surfaces
  • Protects all areas under mechanical stress
  • The cases can still be steam-cleaned
  • Helps keep the cases in great condition
  • Easy to remove
  • Trimmed precisely to the contours of the original BMW Vario-Topcase, which fits in perfectly with the design
  • Absorbs most of the energy from the impact of stone chips
  • Always read the instructions carefully before applying the film. If you are at all uncertain, we recommend having the film applied by a professional.


  • High-grade film, extremely adhesive, completely UV resistant and with a glossy finish
  • UV-penetrable. This outstanding quality of the material prevents colour changes to the unprotected surfaces in case you wish to remove the film again
  • Included in the set is a spray can, a squeegee and detailed assembly instructions.


  • 60-day right to return
  • Made in Europe
  • Tested by Wunderlich

An almost indestructible, elastic and transparent protective film which was originally developed for the aviation industry to protect the front edges of propellers and rotor blades (from stone chips). Designed to offer reliable protection at velocities approaching the speed of sound, this is clearly the ideal choice for keeping your original BMW Vario-Topcase in the best possible condition.

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