Slip-on ARROW "Maxi Race-Tech" - R1250 GS/GSA, R1200 GS/GSA LC

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MAXI RACE-TECH - aluminium, black aluminium or titanium

Maxi Race-Tech silencers have been designed to match the need of a bigger-volume silencer, to be used on bigger bikes , single- and twin-cylinders engines and when power and noise requirements are stiffer than usual.
Based on smaller Race-Tech design features, Maxi Race-Tech silencers are available in titanium, carbon fiber and aluminum, with a stainless steel or carbon endcap and, despite the dimensions, are light and compact, giving high power output and are available in a street legal version.
Features Values
Silencer material aluminium (titanium)
Rear endcap material carbon fibre
Silencer inner parts material stainless steel
Mid-pipe material stainless steel
Silencer mounting riveted mount
Silencer body lenght (mm) 400,00
Junction (inlet) diameter (mm) 65,00
Junction (outlet) diameter (mm) 55,00
Db Killer SI
Weight (Kg) 3,80 (3,40)

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