Slip-on BOS "Dune Fox" - F750 GS, F850 GS/GSA - Euro4

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BOS "Dune Fox" slip-on silencer F750 GS, F850 GS/GSA (EURO 4) - carbon optic, stainless steel or black

BOS is a family business in the Netherlands that is already in its second generation of developing and manufacturing high-quality exhaust systems for motorcycles. State-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, the use of exclusively high-quality materials and the know-how for all aspects of sophisticated exhaust systems for motorcycles have made BOS one of the leading brands in Germany, and even in Europe.

BOS Silencers are more compact and lighter than standard exhaust systems. The performance, as well as the torque curve, is optimised. The muffled, throaty and very „grown-up“ sound is the character-defining distinguishing feature of BOS. Each Silencer is specifically homologated for the respective motorbike model. This guarantees absolute riding pleasure without unpleasant consequences.

The BOS Dune Fox slip-on silencer offers a full and rich sound and is suitable for the BMW F750 GS/F850 GS + Adventure. 

The facts


  • It has Euro 4 approval and does not need to be noted on vehicle documents
  • The high-grade finish of the BOS Dune Fox makes it a real eye catcher on the BMW F750/850 GS + Adventure.

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