Slip-on REMUS "BLACK HAWK" - R1250 R/RS

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REMUS Slip-on BLACK HAWK silencer - black

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The perfect mix of sound, performance, and low weight with a uniquely deep roar and powerful, harmonious performance across the entire RPM range. Also weight savings of up to 3 kg with a great look. Perfect sound engineering for your BMW.



  • Hexagonal form
  • Fully suitable for cases and passenger
  • Inlet cap: Stainless steel
  • End cap: Carbon

Technical information

  • Width x height ~ 105 x 137 mm
  • Sheath material: Stainless steel
  • Weight: 2.82 kg


  • 60 days right to return
  • Made in Europe
  • Type approval

Smaller cover for the flap control is included in the scope of delivery.

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