Styrhöjare - 38/27 mm - R1250 GS/GSA, R1200 GS/GSA LC

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Wunderlich "ERGO+" handlebar riser - 38/27 mm - silver

A combination of height adjustment and a handlebar positioned closer to the rider. This results in ergonomics that provide relief to the musculature of the back, the pelvis/coccyx and arms, and that significantly enhance touring suitability.

Easy, minute-long conversion with no further modifications. Thanks to the improved handlebar tilting options, the seat position can be further improved.

The facts:

  •  Height increase of about 38 mm and offset of about 27 mm closer to the rider
  •  Better handling
  •  More direct riding feel
  •  Relaxed, upright sitting position
  •  Protection of entire musculoskeletal system
  •  Now possible to ride standing up when off-road = More fatigue-free riding and better control

Technical data

  •  Anodised in silver.
  •  Individually milled from high-strength aluminium
  •  Complete with screw set

Special features

  • Wunderlich. Integrated design
  •  5 year warranty
  • Small batches. Made by hand.
  • Made in Germany
  •  With German type approval

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