Styrhöjare - F650, F650 CS/ST, R850 GS, R1100 GS, R1150 GS/GSA

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Wunderlich Handlebar riser - 25 mm or 35 mm - black

A barely-visible conversion with a resounding effect:

The Facts:

  • Better handling.
  • More direct riding experience.
  • Relaxed, upright sitting position.
  • More space between bars and tank bag.
  • Individually milled from strong aluminium (not cast!).
  • Complete with bolt set.
  • German Type approval.

In every respect an enormous gain in rider comfort, offering an unmatched ride experience. Quick and easy conversion - no further changes required. The improved range of handlebar angles further enhances the sitting posture. With bolt set and model approval certificate.

As the bars are fitted relatively high to begin with, we recommend the use of the 25 mm for riders up to 1.75 m in height, and the 35 mm for taller riders.

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