Styrhöjare - 38/27 mm - R1300 GS

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Wunderlich ERGO+ handlebar riser - silver

NOTE: Available as from the middle of May 2024

Function and Product Features of the Wunderlich Handlebar Riser ERGO+

  • Increases the handlebar height by approximately 38 mm and brings it 27 mm closer to the rider
  • Relaxed, upright seating position for fatigue-free riding
  • Noticeable increase in comfort by relieving the entire musculoskeletal system
  • Better handling combined with improved visibility and control
  • More direct riding feel
  • Enhances passive safety
  • The tilt options of the handlebars remain fully intact, allowing the seating position to be optimally adjusted to individual needs for a noticeable improvement
  • The ERGO+ Handlebar Riser consists of precision die-cast parts made from high-strength aluminium, delivering convincing aesthetics
  • The surface texture and colour match those of the upper fork bridge and clamps
  • Silver anodized
  • With ABE (General Operating Permit)
  • Includes mounting kit

Technical Data

  • Material
    • High-strength aluminium, precision die-cast, silver anodized
  • Dimensions
    • Height increase: 38 mm
    • Offset towards the rider: 27 mm
  • Colour
    • Silver

Your Wunderlich Advantages

  • Wunderlich Product. Small series. Handmade.
  • Wunderlich Design. Functional and integrated.
  • Made in Germany
  • With ABE (General Operating Permit)
  • Wunderlich 60/5
    • 60-day return policy - Test without risk!
    • Plus 5 years warranty.

The handlebar riser specially designed by our developers combines an increase in handlebar height with the simultaneous shifting of the handlebar base towards the rider. The ergonomic effects are considerable, providing relaxation to the entire back muscles and arms while simultaneously relieving the spine, pelvis, and coccyx. This significantly improves touring suitability and comfort. Relaxed riding also contributes to increased passive safety, just like the improved visibility of traffic conditions resulting from the more upright seating position.

The ERGO+ Handlebar Riser is elaborately manufactured precision die-cast parts made from high-strength aluminium, ensuring convincing aesthetics that stand out. The surface texture and colour match those of the upper fork bridge and clamps. We've also placed great emphasis on the design, ensuring that the upper fork bridge, handlebar risers, and handlebars appear seamless.

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