Styrhöjare - 40 mm - R nineT

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Wunderlich handlebar riser - 40mm

The handlebar riser provides a more ergonomic posture for the rider: The musculature of the back and arms as well as the pelvis and coccyx are relieved. There's barely any change on a visual level but the effect on the body is palpable. This doesn't just mean a bonus for riding comfort, the handling is also significantly improved and the rider gets a better view of the state of traffic.

The facts:


  • Better handling and a more direct riding experience
  • Better view of the state of traffic
  • Relaxed, upright sitting position
  • Now possible to ride standing up when off-road
  • No additional changes required to the vehicle

Technical info

  • Increase: 40 millimetres
  • Material: High-strength aluminium, individually milled
  • Colour: Anodised in silver colours
  • Complete with screw set


  • With ABE
  • 5-year warranty

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