Styrhöjare - K1200 GT (2006-), K1300 GT

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"ERGO" handlebar riser

For many riders the posture required by the GT is too sporty and too inclined to the front.

The "ERGO" optimisation set brings the handlebar within easy reach, leading to a more relaxed and upright sitting position. Alongside the relaxed back position there is relief for the arms, and an ergonomically sustainable overall posture results.

The posture is now similar to that on a tourer, guaranteeing unconstrained touring comfort. A further advantage of the "ERGO" handlebar riser is the significant improvement in handling and control.

The Vario-Ergo risers move the bars 40 mm upwards and 20 mm towards the rider in addition to the existing original adjustment range. This allows every rider to find his or her ideal position.

The facts:

  • 40 mm additional height.
  • 20 mm closer towards rider.
  • Quick to set (Original setting range of approx. 30 mm remains unaffected).
  • Ergonomically sustainable touring posture.
  • Improved handling and more relaxed posture.
  • Individually machined components made of strong aluminium with stainless steel threaded inserts.
  • Easy to fit.
  • Includes complete fitting kit.

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