Tändstiftsnyckel - 16 mm

Tändstiftsnyckel - 16 mm

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Spark plug spanner - 16 mm

So you want to check your plugs or to change defective ones. If you don’t have the right plug spanner you won’t get anywhere.
The lack of space on your bike doesn’t allow you to carry a standard plug spanner. So we have exclusively created a plug spanner to fit on your bike. Thanks to the cross-hole, in which you can insert a screwdriver, you can now
also remove jammed spark plugs without breaking sweat. You can buy replacement plugs on the road, but you’ve got to have a plug spanner in your toolkit!

The spanner is not usable for:

  • R 1200 RT, GS & Adventure from 2010
  • R 1200 R from 2011
  • Side spark plugs of 1150 double ignition models
  • 2V models

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