Tankskyddsbåge - F800 GSA

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Tankguard for combination with original engine protection bar - BMW F800 GS Adventure (2013-2018) - black or stainless

HEPCO&BECKER's tank protection bars for the BMW F800 GS Adventure (2013-2018) aren't just protective bars—they're a perfect complement that accentuates your motorcycle's aesthetics. Their sleek adaptation to the motorcycle's lines gives it a unique touch, seamlessly integrating into the overall design. However, their true strength shines through in the event of a spill or unexpected ground contact. In those moments, these bars act as the first line of defense for your bike, offering reliable protection for both the motorcycle and you as the rider. Investing in these protective bars isn't just sensible; it's a smart decision to avoid costly repairs after unforeseen incidents. The material has been engineered for maximum impact absorption. It's designed to absorb the forces of impact to minimize potential damages. However, it's crucial to note that after a fall, replacing the crash bar is recommended. Invisible damage to the welds or material could compromise their protective capabilities, potentially offering reduced protection in case of another fall. The option to easily order individual parts or sides via email makes maintenance and replacement of these protective bars particularly convenient. They not only shield the tank, side panels, and fairings but also add an extra shine and elegance to your motorcycle with their high-quality surface finish. Manufactured from sturdy round tube in Germany, these bars showcase top-notch quality and durability. The package includes fitting material for both right and left sides. Another advantage: no registration or ABE required, simplifying the installation process. Please refer to the included assembly instructions and model-specific notes for any potential limitations.

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