Vindavvisare - R1250 GS, R1200 GS LC (2017-)

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Wunderlich wind deflector "ERGO" - clear or smoke

A tiny action with an amazing effect. Annoying turbulences often arise due to a number of issues. The standard screens are just part of this problem. To make sure you can enjoy real optimisation, it's necessary to develop a total concept for optimum wind pressure relief.

That's why we designed these flaps for the R1200 GS LC (2017-) and R1250 GS. They are the counterpart for the existing standard wind deflectors mounted on the Adventure. These flaps effectively protect the GS rider from wind and weather influences that flow off to the side of the cockpit and reliably prevent turbulence in this area. The problems that arise here on an unprotected GS could even still have a negative impact on the excellent touring screens we have developed.

Even used together with the original screens, our flaps often achieve astounding improvements.

The facts:

  •  Ideal complement to screen series
  • Effective protection against turbulences
  •  Very high-quality, optically clean, extremely tough, scratch-resistant, UV and fuel-resistant PMMA polymer
  •  Available in transparent or smoke grey variant
  •  Easy assembly at available points
  •  Complete delivery including assembly material
  •  With German Type approval

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