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"ERGO" windshield - low - clear

In every detail, a shield for demanding tourers who like to combine maximum comfort with an all-round improvement in quality.

Larger dimensions than the original, the air flow is now diverted efficiently past the rider and passenger. The distinctively shaped sides provide protection for the arms that can really be felt. A perfectly balanced front shape diverts the air pressure horizontally and vertically in equal measure so that the rider and passenger have the optimal protection - pure relaxation.

Special trick: the size of the gap between the lamp fairing and windshield was precisely calculated to prevent vacuums and turbulence with a counter-current of air flow. And it is precisely this gap that gives the “F” an elegant appearance and highlights the basic design even further. At the top, the windshield tapers to an elegant curve.

The “F” has a quite new, fresh appearance that is topped off by a very high level of wind protection and touring comfort. A very solid four-point attachment provides these benefits in terms of comfort. Perfectly fitting, high quality overall design. Also available in a higher version for models from 2004 onwards: another eight centimetres taller than the “normal” »ERGO« windshield and thus tailor-made for F-riders over 1.85 m tall.

Dakar tip: As well as better overall protection, our transparent windshield allows a clear view ahead compared to the dark original windshield.

Original BMW windshield size is 302 x 270 mm

German type approval// Suitable for vehicles with and without original handguards

Height 390mm

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