Vindruta "FLOWJET" - R1200 GS/GSA (-12/-13)

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Wunderlich Windshield "FLOWJET" - black

You like to feel the wind in your hair while riding, but without the annoying turbulences? Here we have developed a groundbreaking design concept that gives your BMW a distinctive, sporty and distinctive look in no time at all and, thanks to its aerodynamic shape, ensures laminar flow conditions. Size and proportions of our "FLOWJET" combine perfect design with high basic protection. In addition, the front wheel is always visible.

The FLOWJET windshield is supplied with an adjustable aluminum holding kit including screw set.

The facts:


  • easy to install
  • scratch resistant and robust
  • Complete set with all attachments
  • incl. adjustable aluminium retaining kit

Technical data

  • Material: High quality ABS plastic, dyed black, unbreakable


  • Wunderlich Design
  • Wunderlich Product. Small batches. Made by hand.
  • With German Type approval
  • Made in Europe
  • 5 years warranty

Note: Does not fit together with headlight grille WUN-20420-100

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