Vindruta "MARATHON" - R1200 GS/GSA (-2007)

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Wunderlich windshield "MARATHON" - clear

Maximal wind protection and comfort for the GS and even better and also more stable protection for the Adventure. A windshield that is protracted towards the rider and offers maximum protection for all body sizes thanks to the double adjustability.

The facts:

  • Maximum protection for head, upper body and arms. 
  • 515 mm high compared to original 365 mm (GS) and 460 mm (Adventure). Widened considerably at the bottom (transition to the protectors).
  • 6 mm thick windshield material. Special manufacturing process allows windshield to be used without heavy and annoying strengthening brackets.
  • The Wunderlich “windshieldSave Vario” included for additional adjustment range.
  • Quick and easy adjustment.
  • Incline adjustment much more effective in comparison with the original.
  • Can be adjusted to suit almost all riders and riding habits.
  • Integrated flow channel: depending on the chosen height, the gap changes and a calming counter-flow of air reduces turbulence.
  • Reduces “dancing” of rain water droplets on the visor (vacuum turbulence).
  • The GS design has been consistently adopted in every line. The windshield integrates perfectly into the overall layout, highlights the lines and makes the GS an imposing sight.
  • Very high-quality, optically clean, extremely tough, scratch-resistant, UV and fuel-resistant PMMA polymer for an optimal view.
  • German type approval.

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