Vindruta "MARATHON" - R1250 RT (-2020), R1200 RT LC

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Wunderlich touring windshield "MARATHON" - clear or smoke

A luxury touring windshield for your Tourer: The original windshield dimensions were enlarged in all directions to create a windshield that really let you relax and transforms even long marathon tours into a pleasure.

To the sides we have built in a trailing edge to minimise turbulence and provide even relief for the whole upper body including the shoulders. Thanks to this contours optimal, turbulence-free protection will be achieved also in the helmet area. Therefore also taller riders will be protected very well even at the highest speeds.

The qualities of this windshield are best felt after a long day's riding on your R1200/1250 RT LC: You can ride long distances effortlessly, in a more relaxed manner and without pains or tension in the neck.

Made of 5 mm-thick fracture and scratch-resistant acrylic plastic. Replaces simply the original.

The facts:

  • Optimal relief of head, upper body and shoulders.
  • Lower vacuum-accumulation.
  • Changed contour for turbulence-free protection in the helmet area.
  • Optically clear for optimal view.
  • Made of 5 mm-thick acrylic plastic.
  • Fracture- and scratch-resistant.
  • Dimensions (WxH): 849 x 693 mm.
  • German Type approval.

Screen is colored black in the lower third.

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