Vindrutefäste - R1250 R (2019-2022)

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Mounting bracket for the "MARATHON" windshield for the BMW R1250 R - black

If you are looking for a decent ergonomic and protective windshield for your BMW R1250 R, we recommend our "MARATHON" windshield, which was specially designed and developed for the R1250 R! The bracket is required for installation of the "MARATHON" windshield, unless the bike is equipped with the original bracket.


  • Mounting bracket for the "MARATHON" windshield on the BMW R1250 R
  • Stylish design in black which integrates discreetly into the cockpit design of the R1250 R.
  • Rigid, sturdy bracket for secure attachment of the "MARATHON"
  • Includes mounting kit

Technical data

  • Material: High-quality plastic

Special features

  • Integrated design

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